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Access to our site worldwide-trademarks.co.uk (the “Site”) makes you a user (“User”) thereof and by using the Site you will be subject to the conditions of use established herein. We reserve the right to modify, at any time, the layout and configuration of this Site, as well as this Online Notice and Terms of Use, so we recommend you read it every time you access our Site.

General Information

The owner of this Site is Trademarks Worldwide Ltd., registered in UK under ID 13020757, owner of trademark 'Worldwide Comprehensive Realtime Monitoring | All About Your Brand', with registered office at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU, United Kingdom, serving for its official communications. E-mail: [email protected].


The purpose of these general conditions is to regulate the access and use that the Users can make of the corporate Site of Worldwide Trademarks, which is currently located at worldwide-trademarks.co.uk. Some Site services accessible by Internet users or exclusive to Worldwide Trademarks customers may be subject to particular conditions, regulations and rules that, if necessary, replace, complement and/or modify these general conditions of use of the Site and that must be accepted by the User before starting to provide the corresponding service. The access and use of the Site implies the acceptance of these general conditions in the published version at any time and the submission to these conditions.

User Accounts

(i) User Registrations: Accurate Information In order to access most of our Services, you need to create a user account on the Website (“Account”). You agree that any information you provide to us will be accurate, complete and up to date at all times. By providing the information you agree that any information, including Personal Data may be processed by Worldwide Trademarks as the data controller in accordance with its Privacy Policy and applicable legislation.

(ii) User ID; Password. Users who create an Account will obtain a user ID and password (collectively, your “Profile”). You agree not to allow any third party to use your Profile to access the Services and to safeguard your Profile so as not to enable any third party to access the Services. You agree to be responsible for failure to safeguard your Profile and allowing any other person or entity to access the Services by using your Profile or otherwise by using your Account. No part of a Profile or Account may be transferred or sold by you to another party. You agree to notify Worldwide Trademarks immediately of any unauthorized use of your Profile, Account or the Services. You agree that Worldwide Trademarks shall not be liable for any loss that results from the unauthorized use of your Profile or Account, either with or without your knowledge.

(iii) Revocation of User Accounts. You agree that we have the right to cancel your Account and/or revoke your Profile for any reason at any time, at our sole discretion without incurring any liability thereof or entitling you to receive any refunds for payments, if you fail to comply with any provision of this Agreement or applicable Subscription Agreement or if it is reasonably suspected or determined by Worldwide Trademarks that you have failed to comply with provisions of this Agreement or applicable Subscription Agreement. Customer shall be fully liable for the actions and omission of its Users.

Access And Use Of The Site

The User accesses our Site to obtain information about our services, activities and contact information. The access and use of the Site is free of charge for Users and does not require prior registration of the User. In the case of User registration through identifiers and passwords, both the identifier and the password belong exclusively to the person to whom they are granted. The User must keep both the identifier and the password under the strictest and absolute confidentiality, and must assume, therefore, all damages or consequences of any kind that derive from the breach or disclosure of such information. Any request regarding hiring conditions, budgets and / or individual case studies will be made through any of the means enabled to contact Worldwide Trademarks, either through the contact form of the Site and / or contact addresses indicated case by case. Any provision of services by Worldwide Trademarks will be formalized in an individualized way, at the request of the User, and through external channels to this Site. The User agrees to make a proper, diligent and lawful use of our Site and, in particular, to: (i) use the Site for the intended purposes, that is, information about our services and activities, User will refrain from using the Site or its content for illegal purposes, or for purposes that go against public order, morality or generally accepted moral standards; (ii) respect the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Site and its contents, as well as all rights that correspond to Worldwide Trademarks; (iii) not reproduce, copy, convert, modify, distribute, publicly display or make available to the public the Site or any of its content or any modifications; (iv) Users are liable for any loss or damage suffered by Worldwide Trademarks due to direct or indirect misuse by the Users of the Site, including violation of this Online Notice and Terms of Use or the law.

Intellectual Property Rights

The design of the entire Site and all its contents (text, news, articles, graphics, logos, drawings, photographs, software, source code and others) are the exclusive property of Worldwide Trademarks, owner of trademark 'Worldwide Comprehensive Realtime Monitoring | All About Your Brand'. Therefore, all intellectual property rights derived therefrom, belong to Worldwide Trademarks in their entirety (i.e., for the entire legal duration of such rights, worldwide and for all and any forms of exploitation) or, alternatively, when they have been duly licensed for exploitation by its legitimate owners. The exploitation (reproduction, distribution, public communication, making available to the public and / or transformation, including translation) of the content of the Site that is object of intellectual property by any means is strictly forbidden without the prior written permission of Worldwide Trademarks. Any breach of this condition will be subject to the civil and criminal sanctions provided for by current legislation.

Ethics And Responsibility Derived From The Use Of The Internet And This Site

The User undertakes to use the information and services contained in this Site exclusively for their needs and not to perform directly or indirectly a commercial or professional exploitation thereof, except in case you have obtained the express consent of Worldwide Trademarks. The User is obliged not to use the Site to do or suggest activities prohibited by law or to try to attract Users to other competing services. Worldwide Trademarks will not be in any case responsible for the use of the Site made by the User. The User will refrain from carrying out any conduct in the use of the Site or the resources made available to him/her that violates the intellectual or industrial property rights of Worldwide Trademarks or third parties, which infringes upon image rights to third parties, or that is unlawful or threatens morality.

Personal Data Protection

The personal data that the User provides through the use of the Site or via email or any other means will be subject to our Data Protection Policy.


More information regarding the cookies used by the Site can be found on cookie policy section.

Liability And Indemnity

The access to the Site does not imply the obligation of Worldwide Trademarks to control the absence of viruses or any other harmful computer element, corresponding to the User to have adequate tools for the detection and disinfection of any harmful computer programs. Access to the Site requires the provision of services from third parties, including telecommunications networks, where its reliability, quality, continuity and operation does not correspond to Worldwide Trademarks. Consequently, Worldwide Trademarks is not liable for the damages caused by the access to the Site or for the lack of access thereto including interruptions, delays or malfunctioning of the Site as well as the damages that may derive from these issues, originated by causes beyond Worldwide Trademarks control, caused by malicious User actions. Worldwide Trademarks will not be liable for the contents of those sites to which Users can access from links that can be included in the Site. Worldwide Trademarks reserves the right to temporarily interrupt access to the Site at any time and without prior notice, when necessary for technical, security, control, or maintenance reasons. The User hereby agrees to indemnify Worldwide Trademarks and its directors, officers, employees and agents, as well as their licensors and suppliers, from and against any and all claims, actions, suits or proceedings, as well as any and all losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) arising out of (i) any misrepresentation, act or omission made by the User in connection with your use of the Site; (ii) any non-compliance by the User with this Online Notice and Terms of Use; or (iii) third party claims arising from, or related to, User’s access or use of the Site.

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