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Worldwide Trademarks is your professional partner with extensive experience in brand monitoring. Worldwide Trademarks is a highly specialized service provider in the field of brand, & trademark protection and offers a company all-inclusive package - cutting-edge technical standards make it possible to continuously monitor eCommerce, mobile, social media platforms and domain monitoring - both nationally and internationally.

Every single week, Worldwide Trademarks checks thousands of new data related to intellectual property.

Your brand is the result of your effort and hard work. It is the foundation of your business and success. Your brand allows your company to stand out and be one of a kind.

Entrust us with your brand! Take care of your business, while we take care of your trademark, & brand.

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History of Our Service

Worldwide Trademarks helps all trademark owners - from global players to creative entrepreneurs - to take care of their business.

  • Monitoring of Trademarks

    Our primary effort to focus on trademarks and related service started to define our whole portfolio.

  • Monitoring of Domains

    The growing presence of intentionally registered domains by third parties with the same or similar names as trademark names, also known as cybersquatting, has directed us to another area of ​​our services.

  • Monitoring of Mobile Platforms

    The mobile app boom has created a wild world for intellectual property abuse in this emerging product and service segment. Our focus on this area was therefore natural.

  • Monitoring of eCommerce Platforms

    We have started to cover the growing incidence of counterfeit or abusive products by monitoring the largest online stores.

  • Monitoring of Brands

    We have expanded our portfolio to include monitoring of competing companies based on regional presence.

  • Monitoring of Social Media Platforms

    Registration of accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by third parties under names similar or identical to business names cause extensive damage to the reputation of companies. Therefore, we began to focus on monitoring these platforms.

  • Monitoring of Designs

    Developments in the field of machine learning have enabled us to use our extensive database of industrial designs and implementation of ML Vision to search for similar design patterns.

  • Monitoring logos of brands

    Monitoring logos of brands in the online world involves tracking and analyzing the use of a brand's logo across various digital platforms such as social media, websites, and advertising. By monitoring the usage of their logo, businesses can ensure brand consistency and protect their brand identity from unauthorized use.

  • Implementing AI features

    Implementing AI features to tailor metrics for customers using machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data and provide personalized metrics that are relevant to their unique needs and preferences.

  • Enhancements for customer reports

    Enhancements for customer reports involve improving the format, content, and delivery of customer reports to provide more valuable insights and better meet the needs of customers.

Monitored Platforms

12 Areas to Cover Your Intellectual Property

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